Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Studies

Our Environmental Impact Assessment team carries out assessments of all types of projects with regards to the policies that are in place. By evaluating all the likely environmental impacts of your project, we create highly beneficial insights, after taking into account the cultural, human-health and socio-economic impacts that are in the spectrum of possibility. Our aim is to predict any environmental impact at the earliest stage of your project’s planning and design, so that we can find suitable ways and means to reduce adverse impacts, ultimately shaping your project to suit the local environment. In order to achieve both environmental and economic benefits, we always try and reduce the overall cost and time of your project, by designing and implementing superior strategies in compliance with local laws and regulations of the government.

Even though environment impact assessment is a vast area of study, the following services are offered by Eco Group for your project, but are not limited to:

  1. Screening: Identify whether the project needs a full or partial impact assessment study.
  2. Scoping: Determining all potential impacts which are relevant to assess (based on legislative requirements, international conventions, expert knowledge, and public involvement).
  3. Identifying: Incorporate all necessary safeguards in the design of your project, proposing alternative solutions to avoid the adverse impacts on the area’s biodiversity.
  4. Assessment: Evaluating the environmental impacts, then developing to protect and identify all possible environmental impacts in your project.
  5. Reporting: Making environmental impact statements EIA reports that includes your environmental management plan, along with a non-technical summary in layman’s language.
  6. Review: Monitoring compliance enforcement and environmental auditing, helping you ensure that the predicted impacts are addressed in a timely fashion.
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