Nanobubble Technology

Introducing Nanobubble Technology in India

In our mission to Engineer Nanobubble Technology revolution for wastewater treatment, we at Eco Paryavaran, have formed a strategic Alliance  with KBK Group, a dedicated research organization having a proven Technology to Generate Nanobubbles and its application for  achieving extraordinary improvements in the field of chemical-free water treatment.

Being a scientifically proven, sustainable wastewater treatment solution for various sectors Nanobubble Technology is taking the world by a storm. With this strategic alliance between two major players in the environment sector the wastewater treatment is going to be redefined as an energy-efficient and chemical-free solution that effectively increases productivity across a wide range of industrial processes. At the industry level, this development is aimed at solving various technological challenges faced by a vast array of industries, including Environment, Agriculture, Manufacturing, and Education.

About Nanobubble Technology

The term ‘Nanobubbles’ means bubbles that are very small in size. They are 70-120 nanometres only, which is 2500 times smaller than a single grain of salt. Nanobubbles can be created using any gas and injected into any liquid, and they display some special properties due to their size. The reason why nanobubble technology is different from conventional methods is that it enhances numerous physical, chemical, and biological processes.

How Nanobubbles Work Underwater

  • Nanobubbles stay stable underwater for a longer period due to their negatively-charged surface (zeta potential);
  • The internal pressure of nanobubbles in liquids is much higher than that of their environment, which helps in a very efficient dissolution of the gas into the liquids;
  • While rising in water, the collapsing nanobubbles generate free radicals that catalyse chemical oxidation reactions;
  • These unique properties of nanobubbles have led to multiple applications in various fields of science & technology, including industrial, biological, and medicine.

Indigenous Nanobubbles Technology in Water Purification

Indigenous Nanobubbles Technology in the field of Water Purification develops by applying the sheer resistance relationship between the interface of the object and the adjacent area. When gas, for example, oxygen, is split into Nano-size by the sheer force generated at the interface of an object, the dissolved gas gets increased. Nano-sized bubble (gas) exists in water for a long time without degassing, and dissolved gas is maintained high for longer.

Harness The Potential Of Nanobubble Technology With The ECO-KBK Alliance

About Eco Group | Nanobubble Technology Driven Solutions

Dr. Sandeep Garg,
MD at Eco Group

Eco Paryavaran is recognized as the top environmental consultancy in India, specializing in end-to-end environmental solutions under one single roof. Spearheaded by Dr. Sandeep Garg, Eco Group boasts of an extensive sales and support network, and nurturers a one-stop solution to all your environmental needs under a single roof. As the leading environmental consultant in India, Eco Group boasts of a differentiated ecosystem based on overall pollution abatement.

With more than 1,000 applications in North India, Team Eco is taking the nation towards a greener tomorrow, one step at a time. By adding the feather of Nanobubble Technology-driven solutions to its golden cap, Eco family is set to explore a new horizon of opportunities in the field of water purification.

Eco Paryavaran Laboratories & Consultants Pvt. Ltd. (Formerly known as Eco Laboratories & Consultants Pvt. Ltd.) is 100% accredited and approved by the National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL). All types of environmental testing including, civil testing, air testing, water testing, soil testing, building materials testing, etc. are carried out with absolute precision by our lab division.

Apart from the National level accreditation and ISO 9001:2008 certifications, Eco Group has been certified & approved by top organizations such as Department of Science & Technology, Government of India, MoEF, PPCB, NPC, ISO, EMS, OHSAS, IPH, etc.

About KBK Group | Innovating Nanobubble Technology

Mr. Jagjit Singh Kochar,
MD at KBK Group

KBK Group focuses on implementing research-based innovative technologies to address various issues of national importance, including the environment. As a conglomerate of technology companies, they are dedicated to collaborating, conceptualizing and implementing research and innovation driven social impact projects in collaboration with Global Domain experts to engineer value differentiation for all stakeholders of a better world.

Under the able guidance of Mr. Jagjit Kochar, the KBK Group since its inception in 2004 has ventured into various domains with the dominant ones being:

• KBK Environ Infrastructures Ltd. which is a research advisory company involved in identifying and conceptualizing innovative technology-based solutions for the sectors the group is involved in

• Fish Biotech Private Ltd. presently working to achieve high standard aquaculture in Punjab

• Nanobubble Tech Pvt. Ltd. a research organization aiming to revolutionize wastewater treatment by engineering appropriate nanobubble generation technology

• Stellelent Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. a realty company aiming to deliver knowledge centric infrastructure

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