Our Culture

The culture of a company is as important as other functions of the workplace. Your employees who form the backbone of your organization, more likely to enjoy their time in a workplace where they fit in perfectly with the company culture. Therefore, we at Eco group, have preserved a rich culture with a sound set of values and ethics, not just for the workplace, but also the personal space of our staff.

Eco Group operates with a traditional management style where the job responsibilities are clearly defined, and opportunities to advance are equal for one and all. A company that’s fun to work for, the culture at Eco Paryavaran has a team-based environment, with employee participation on all levels. So, even though there is a traditional and formal management style in place, we always encourage new and innovative ideas for employee engagement to keep the innovation going, not just at the technological level but also at the personal levels of their lives. The environment in which our team works enables all members to create a highly comfortable experience for our customers, clients, and other stakeholders, by keeping our company mission, value, ethics, expectations and goals as their ‘Bible at work’.

Team Eco is passionate about bringing innovative solutions in the environment & technology sector. Our professional team of engineers is not just a technical group of experts, but a dedicated team of nature-lovers who love to put their work above everything else by choice. Having nurtured a strong ecosystem managing a wide array of services and products that are related to environmental protection and conservation, we take pride in creating recycling solutions that are best-in-class at the industry level. With our highly talented individuals working round-the-clock to deliver their commitments ‘On Time, Every Time’, As you take a casual walk across our corridors, fantastic company culture is what you can almost expect every time. Eco-culture has not come into existence overnight, it is the past two decades of dedication from a small group of passionate environmental engineers that has filtered down this amazing culture at the grassroots level.

Owing to this very culture, we the Eco Group, foster great customer service and great brand value in the market. Every now and then, there is an event that is upcoming for the entire team, or lunch is set up to break the ice with their families & friends. Eco group has made this company culture deliberately by creating a specialized events committee, that is tasked with planning such events and programs to promote and engage a healthy community. After all, great company culture does not happen on its own!